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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Networks expand our skills, knowledge and impact

HER Fund believes that our work can only be successful if it is fully integrated in the women’s movements. Therefore we place great importance to developing collegial as well as solidarity relationships within local, regional and international networks.

In Hong Kong, HER Fund supports and communicates closely with the local women’s rights advocacy network, the Women's Coalition for Equal Opportunities, also our fund is the fiscal sponsor of East Asian Women’s Forum. To closely follow the development of welfare trend and building exchange with ngos, HER Fund is an agency member of the Hong Kong Council of Social Services. We also network secondary girls’ schools in Hong Kong and each year, we conduct gender awareness raising talks and workshops at schools, reaching out to girls and discussing with them on issues such as beauty image, online relationships, women’s image in media, women and poverty, with a gender perspective. This network also encourages some girls’ groups to initiate small scale fundraising activities at school for HER Fund, like rose selling on the International Women’s Day.

Regionally, HER Fund is a member of the Asian Network of Women's Funds (ANWF), together with TEWA (Nepal), Nirnaya (India), and the MONES (Mongolia), Bangladesh Women’s Fund, The Women’s Foundation ( Hong kong ) and South Asian Women’s Fund. 

Internationally, the ANWF is part of the International Network of Women's Funds (INWF), and the Women’s Funding Network. We are part of the global community and the global women’s movements. Building partnerships, fostering close relationships with other  women’s funds and leveraging our relationships with the women’s funds’ network tell us that we are not alone, and more, that we are part of a group of dedicated women who are fighting for women’s rights all over the world. It opens the door for us to expand our skills, our knowledge and our strength in creating impact to advance the well being of women around the world.
Linda To, Executive Director
HER Fund
Hong Kong, SAR, China
Women's Funding Network member since 2004

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