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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Being authentically global is more than just having diverse members

Global network requires not only having the diverse membership. It requires having a very diverse staff with ability and knowledge to understand and reflect the needs of members from all different regions of the world.  The services need to be created and developed already with strong focus on differences and contexts of the global membership and not to be created with one continent/one region centric lens and being just replicated in other regions.  In all communication of the network which considers itself to be global there is a need of a very strong focus on use of language “understandable” globally. Last but not least the diversity of the membership needs to be reflected also in the governing bodies, advisory committees and other institutions of the network. 

Marketa Hronkova, Country Director
Prague, Czech Republic
Women's Funding Network member since 2004

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  1. What a welcome new way to communicate! And Hello to Marketa, the pioneer. I've personally watched WFN put work into being more authentically global since around 2000 - it tends to be an uphill struggle, and those of us not in the US tend to feel the stress the most.
    Ise Bosch, executive board member, filia.die frauenstiftung, Germany.