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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Collaboration raises the visibility of your work and builds up your reputation in the community

Since its founding, Tewa has always put diversity, non-hierchical working style, collective decision making, frugality and sustainability as not only as value statement but has put them in practice too. Tewa is a Philanthropic women organization and has fostered the Modern Philanthropy and successfully raised more than 20 million rupees for its grant making program through contribution of more than 300 Nepali individuals and institutional donors. Tewa commits to the empowerment and advancement of women through regular grant making to rural women group. Tewa aims to increase the self reliance of Nepali people by encouraging women and men to share their resources regularly for sustainable development and lasting peace. Tewa grant has opened doors for rural women to other opportunities, linkages and network and no doubt it has had a multiplier effect. As of now Tewa has awarded 375 grants worth more than 19 million rupees in 64 districts out of

Collaborative work:
Local Fundraising- As one of the core program, Tewa has been working closely in partnership with different institutions, private sectors such as banks, airlines, industries, schools, college etc. During our fundraising events organization has been supporting and contributing to Tewa regularly. Tewa also attempts to get support from corporations through its corporate Sector Campaign. The campaign aims to builds a sense of social responsibility amongst Nepali business people and raise funds for Tewa in the process. 

Good example: For 2 years Nepal's one of the best domestic airlines Yeti Airlines Pvt. Ltd supported Tewa by allocating Rs.1/- (One Rupee) from each ticket sold in all domestic sector. Like wise there are few private banks supporting in every fundraising events and inspires us to keep up the good work

Due to Tewa's transparent way of working style it is an asset to Tewa to work with all our profit making donors. Once a year we also organize an event where our local donors and grantee women can interact "face to face", this is how we are accountable to our donors. Every fiscal year donor name is mentioned in our annual report and at the same time we also mention the Grantee organization with the amount of grant provided for their different project of each grant cycle in the report. We involve our donors in different working committees of Tewa and also sometime invite them in our events to chair the program and request them to handover the grant to the rural women group. This way we will be able to involve our donors in Tewa's activities and increase the visibility too. Our track records show that the practice of philanthropic giving in Nepal can be a solution to many of our problems. We are also working closely with government sector to strengthen our grant making program in rural areas to monitor the grantee groups

Tewa always looks forward to work very closely with our donors and other organizations. Due to several organizations raising funds in local context it can risk our local fundraising effort. Since its inception as per Tewa's value we do not want to be involved in any Party Politics. While working with government sector we are very conscious in every step-In the present political context of Nepal it is very difficult due to transitional period. Decision would be delayed and as the party changes in the government it can take longer time to make them understand our work and get their trust.

Janaki Shah, Co-Coordinator
Kathmandu, Nepal
Women's Funding Network member since 2002

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