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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Scoop on Women and Girls for the Week Ending May 15

Below are the latest links to news items in the U.S. that discuss women and poverty. These are brought to you by Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity, a national foundation-led initiative, that has collaborated with the Women’s Funding Network to bring you the latest news and analysis on women and poverty.

Here are this week’s links:
  • An editorial appearing in the Chicago Sun Times argues that more support for single moms will benefit the next generation

  • The Washington Times profiles a Washington, D.C. resident who is known for her charity work with low-income mothers

  • In an op-ed for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, a contributor in favor of Notre Dame’s controversial invitation to President Obama argues that he disapproves of bishops’ support of pro-life candidates, which he believes has led to a widening of the gap between rich and poor

  • As reported in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, several clinics for low-income patients, including a women and children’s center, are slated to close in Georgia

  • The Detroit News reports that Michigan’s cuts of certain programs may hurt its chances of receiving federal matching funds allocated to low-income mothers and pregnant women

  • A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel commentary on a low-income clinic struggling to stay open notes that most of its clientele is single mothers and their children

  • A USA Today piece on stimulus funds going to Indian tribes notes the benefits it will provide to people like Naomi Sitting Bear, a mother living with her family in dilapidated housing, as well its support for domestic violence programs

  • A Chicago Tribune piece on new housing for homeless and low-income residents interviews a woman, recently released from jail, who believes that the housing will provide her with new stability and opportunities

  • The Miami Herald reports on a disabled woman who was given housing from Habitat for Humanity on Mother’s Day

  • The Governor of Rhode Island has proposed a plan that would cut state aid to low-income pregnant women, as noted by the Associated Press
This news roundup has been crossposted by Lisa Kays at Ask Us How: The Washington Area Women's Foundation blog.

Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity is a foundation-led, non-partisan initiative aimed at ensuring that our political leaders take significant actions to reduce poverty and increase opportunity in the United States. We bring together diverse perspectives from the political, policy, advocacy and foundation communities to engage in an ongoing dialogue focused on finding genuine solutions to the economic hardship confronting millions of Americans.

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