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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's About Time to Increase Women's Leadership

Women's Funding Network Board member Jacki Zehner writes on her Purse Pundit blog today about the need for increased women's leadership in the corporate sphere -- a call to action echoed today on the Financial Times Op-Ed page.

The lede paragraph in the FT piece is especially juicy for this sentence: "Many boards, especially in financial services, are in flux after the testosterone-fuelled excesses that led to financial disaster."

I'm not pointing this out to start a war of the sexes, however. The FT is merely responding to what is a long-standing desire of many for gender balance in the corporate world. And Jacki's piece previews detailed work she will soon release -- in partnership with the National Council for Research on Women -- that links women's leadership in the financial sector with increased prosperity for all.

Stay tuned for more on women's leadership!

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