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Thursday, May 28, 2009

In the News: Women and Poverty, Week Ending May 29

Below are the latest links to news items in the U.S. that discuss women and poverty. These are brought to you by Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity, a national foundation-led initiative, that has collaborated with the Women’s Funding Network to bring you the latest news and analysis on women and poverty.

Here are this week’s links:
  • The New York Times profiles a nonprofit that provides free clothing to assist low-income women entering the work force

  • A Chicago Sun Times column focuses on Mama Brenda, a Chicago spoken word poet who performs outreach to single mothers and others in need

  • A new program is encouraging healthy eating by increasing the value of food stamps for low-income mothers who shop at farmers markets, according to the Washington Post

  • The Los Angeles Times notes that among the proposed cuts from California’s budget are treatment for breast and cervical cancer for illegal immigrants and women older than 65

  • As reported by the Albuquerque Journal, the economic downturn has forced a local program for low-income girls to merge with a parallel program for boys

  • A Chicago Tribune article profiling a program that sends kids from a troubled area to summer camp to provide both enrichment and safety quotes a mom who is concerned for her son’s safety in their Chicago neighborhood

  • In a report appearing in USA Today, a single mom who lost her job is among those who send their children to a school catering specifically to homeless children

  • As covered by the Chicago Tribune, a clinic for low-income women is among those being closed due to financial constraints

  • In an op-ed in the Centre Daily Times, the author argues for stronger pre-natal health coverage for low-income women

This news roundup has been crossposted by Lisa Kays at Ask Us How: The Washington Area Women's Foundation blog.

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