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Friday, August 21, 2009

Future Philanthropy

This weekend The New York Times Sunday Magazine hits newsstands with a special edition focused on the power of women to create lasting positive change in society.

As part of this focus, the Times covers the rising power of women-led philanthropy, paying special attention to women's funds and the Women Moving Millions campaign. But of course!

Pick up the Magazine to read about the power of women and check out The Power of the Purse!

Let us know what you think? For example, does anyone find the art work unrepresentative?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Prosperity Is Calling

We have re-launched our cell phone recycling program, this time with more money going back to participating women's funds.

Here's how it works: go to and get a free shipping label, put it on a box and send your phone in. Recellular, our chosen recycler, breaks down the phone if it's too broken to reuse, and the proceeds from the parts go to the women's fund you designate.

If the phone is reusable, it is refurbished and given to women's shelters or senior centers for use as an emergency phone.

If you want to collect multiple phones at your office, school, place of worship or other location, you can download resources (posters, fact sheets) here:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What Do You Think About 'The Philanthropist'?

Our own Deborah Richardson writes:

I've been watching NBC's "The Philanthropist" and wonder if the show will turn a corner anytime soon and start following more closely the philanthropy of the man who inspired the show - instead of mixing "MacGyver" and "The Amazing Race."

More Than a Volunteer

Today marks the final day at our organization for Rachel, who has been our Communications and Marketing Fellow for the last year. Rachel is a volunteer through Lutheran Volunteer Corps (LVC), which places recent college graduates at non-profit organizations in cities across the United States.

It has been our pleasure to work with Rachel and to share in her creativity, energy and professionalism. She has contributed so much to the fabric of our organization and she will really be missed!

We also want to praise LVC for the fantastic program they run. Their guidance and the development they provide for volunteers is phenomenal. We are looking forward to welcoming two new volunteers at the end of the month and cannot wait to partner with them to advance the women's funding movement.

So we wish Rachel the best as she begins another year with LVC, this time in Minneapolis. We will miss her greatly!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Reading: What is Your Self-Worth?

Philanthropist, activist, psychologist and family advocate, Cheryl Saban, Ph. D. , recently published her latest book titled What is Your Self-Worth?. The book sets out to help women define and value their personal self worth. It offers thought provoking perspectives on they way that women typically see their lives, questions for personal reflection and inspiring stories of other women's lives.

From the book:
"Why is it important to understand your true value or personal currency? I'm going to be bold and say that not only is it important to recognize your innate worth, it's critical that you do. Your survival and sense of well-being virtually depend upon it."
In order to help women around the world, the proceeds of the book will be going to women's fund. So this summer, dedicate your book club to funding women led solutions.

Click here to purchase your copy of What is Your Self-Worth? today.