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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What Do You Think About 'The Philanthropist'?

Our own Deborah Richardson writes:

I've been watching NBC's "The Philanthropist" and wonder if the show will turn a corner anytime soon and start following more closely the philanthropy of the man who inspired the show - instead of mixing "MacGyver" and "The Amazing Race."


  1. The Women's Funding Network always has embraced the most comprehensive understanding of philanthropy and philanthropists, rather than the typical view that both simply are about major donors. WFN rightly recognize that anyone who is advancing a humanitarian cause with a focus on creating sustainable, positive, profitable change - from on-the-ground local grassroots activists to anyone promoting a more just and equitable world through volunteerism or any other type of engagement - is a philanthropist engaged in philanthropy. I applaud WFN for expanding consciousness on this perspective. - Nadine B. Hack, President, beCause Global Consulting /

  2. Thanks Nadine! And I would go one further saying this perspective is shared by all women's funds