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Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Changed Man

Interesting post in PhilanTopic this week from Larry McGill, who is the Vice President of Research at the U.S.-based Foundation Center.

In the post, Mr. McGill recounts his experience attending an international meeting of women's funds focused on measuring the impact of social change philanthropy. His personal reflection does a good job of capturing the energy and, dare I say, magic that is in the air when committed, focused, talented women leaders are in one room to discuss solving the world's most pressing problems:
"What I discovered was that it was impossible for this man -- an outsider to the group in so many ways (in terms of gender, upbringing, experiences, and unearned advantages social, economic and political) -- to work side-by-side with a group of women of such deep commitment and accomplishment without being personally affected, indeed "changed." For me, courage and strength have a new face -- in fact, more than two dozen new faces. And even that isn't quite right -- because linked inseparably with each of these remarkable women are the lives of countless other women whom they would tell you are the most remarkable of all." (emphasis mine)
Have you been changed by a women's fund in 2009?

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