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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ludacris Gets the Philanthropy Bug

Rapper Ludacris, who recently launched his own foundation, announced over the weekend he had given away 20 cars as a way "to give back to those who need it." Read the whole story here.

This story is encouraging because it puts a spotlight on philanthropy -- especially for young people who listen to Ludacris and come across this story while searching for information on the artist.

It also shows there is a consciousness that economic difficulties are not ending just because a few economic indicators are heading back up.

I am also hoping this is the beginning of a personal journey for Ludacris as he hones his philanthropic knowledge and begins learning about root causes and systemic change. Giving away cars does not solve problems. Hopefully Ludacris is on his way to becoming a donor activist capable of creating lasting, sustainable change by working with communities to solve the causes of problems.

Luda -- if you're reading -- check out Anderson Family Foundation. They're in Atlanta too and doing amazing work!

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