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Friday, June 19, 2009

My Own News Roundup for the Week Ending 6/19

The She Change is taking a break from the usual Friday news roundup from Spotlight on Poverty.

So feast your eyes on a women's news cornucopia focusing on all the issues women's funds focus on.

An Op-Ed from Fort Worth Star-Telegram writer Linda Campbell calls on lawmakers to put politics aside when creating health care reform (published in Sacramento Bee).

Washington Post writer Ezra Klein shares the full text of the Finance Committee’s Health Reform Outline.

A report in Forbes claims global health funding doesn’t always reach its intended recipients.

NBC reports on a Gallup poll showing who Americans feel should be held accountable for health care reform.

A Washington Post report looks at why teen births are on the rise.

The Associated Press reports on a poll by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that shows many Americans are concerned about the costs of health care:

An Op-Ed in the Hudson Valley Press says maternal mortality is a crucial human rights issue that needs to be addressed.

NPR reports on the risks the economic crisis is placing on global health.

An Op-Ed in the Albany Times-Union blasts New York state lawmakers for squandering gains in women’s reproductive health.

A U.S. News article talks about Obama’s strategies for an abortion policy.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution shares a study discussed by HealthDay News that shows depressed pregnant African-American women are at increased risk for giving birth to premature babies.

The Wichita Eagle profiles a Colorado OBGYN who continues providing reproductive health care despite threats.

Read the full text of President Obama’s address to the American Medical Association, where he told the story of a mother’s battle with health care costs after being diagnosed with cancer.
Eve Ensler slams world governments in a Guardian Op-Ed for ignoring Congolese women survivors of sexual assault and violence.

The Jakarta Post reports how survivors of abuse are often charged by police for reporting their batterers.

A new survey shows 1 in 4 South African men have admitted to raping women (Associated Press).

A bill being proposed in the New York state legislature would increase penalties for violence committed by abortion clinic protesters.

Almost $2 million of Washington state’s economic stimulus money will go to programs that fight violence against women (King County NBC affiliate).

A California doctor advises women living in abusive relationships in a San Luis Obispo Tribune opinion.

The Tri-State Defender (Memphis) laments justice is elusive for women survivors of violence.

The Economy:
NOW will highlight equal-pay in their weekend summit, reports the Indianapolis Star.

A USAToday column looks at women in the workplace and their role in our economy.

An Associated Press feature claims the market for sex has diminished amid the global recession.

The Christian Science Monitor reports the worldwide economic downturn has fueled human trafficking.
The Seattle Times “Business of Giving” blog profiles young professionals who are honing their philanthropic skills.

The Associated Press covers Michelle Obama’s call for philanthropic institutions to support efforts to rebuild the economy.

A Bergen Record feature discusses a women’s giving circle’s support of teen mothers.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports on the trend of Impact100 – a group of 100 women who pool gifts of $1,000 each to benefit relatively unknown grassroots organizations in their communities:

The Neighborhood Star profiles two young rap artists who performed a concert to benefit a community organization that mentors girls.
The Associated Press reports conservative women are joining Iran's opposition street protests.

Forbes discusses feminism in Iran in light of the current election drama.

The Guardian says this is still a time of hope for Iranian women, as their campaigning has had a slow but sure effect.

The Baltimore Sun reports on what unrest in Iran means for women.
A San Jose Mercury News columnist warns against the persistent tech gap between boys and girls.

A Times of India article reports education is improving the lives of rural girls.

An Atlanta Journal Constitution feature profiles a program that shows at-risk girls how to produce plays.

A Wall Street Journal online guide answers the question: How Can Young Women Develop a Leadership Style?

Voice of America reports on the United Nations call for nations to address displaced women around the world. outlines why women in the media matter to progressive leadership.

NPR reports on the new White House office on women.

NPR profiles Katie Orenstein’s Op-Ed project for women.

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