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Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Woman Leader Under the Gun

Taking a break from sessions at the Women's Funding Network conference to post something that brings me down to earth with the realities women are facing in the world, but also inspires me to continue fighting for women's equality and for human rights.

Women are taking the lead in pushing for human rights all over the world and some of them are risking their lives to do it.

Mu Sochua, a parliamentarian and human rights activist in Cambodia who is also a Board member at Global Fund for Women, posted a letter on the GFW blog and Vital Voices that details the danger she is facing for voicing opposition to the Cambodian government.

Because she has urged for change and accountability and because she has called the government out for corruption, she is being threatened with an indefinite stay in an infamous prison.

Check out this profile of Mu Sochua at Independent Media Center, then read Mu Sochua's letter.

Mu Sochua is a role model for how women's leadership is bringing change. Please comment if you have any ideas for how we can urge fair treatment for her.

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